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Our Purpose

   The primary purpose of A. G. Van Osdol and Company is to provide microcomputer equipment, computer networking technologies, mathematics tutoring, and personal experience that will assist adult learners to succeed in post-secondary education and training. The secondary purpose of this organization is to enable learners to improve academic and applied technical skills using mathematics. Learning the written language of mathematics will improve the learner's ability to read, reason, and write abstract concepts, ideas, and detailed information, enabling the learner to demonstrate their skills during their program of study and in their future careers.

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2015 Computer System Recomendations

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2015 Educational Technology - Other Hardware and Software for Learning

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Individualized Tutoring Services for Veterans in Mathematics

    Course contents can change from school to school, discipline to discipline, region to region. An intermediate course in one profession is often the beginning course of another, and an advanced course in yet another. Regardless of the topics in a course, our tutors will keep the learner on task and on time with the material specified by the instructor. The objective is to communicate with the learner in a manner that he/she can understand, minimizing the learner's frustration and maximizing retention and recall.

   We provide individualized tutorial services in Algebra (Beginning, Intermediate, College Level, and Professional Technical), Trigonometry (Academic and Professional Technical), Linear Algebra, Statistics (Introductory and Professional Technical), Calculus (Single Variable Only)
Some of the difficulties experienced by student Veterans in school...

   There are many problems that may interfere with an adult learner's ability to learn and demonstrate math skills. This list is not complete but represents some of the more common difficulties experienced by U. S. Military Veterans, Disabled Veterans, and many non-traditional students in our colleges and universities. More often than not these problems are dismissed rather than investigated and dealt with correctly.

   The mathematics tutors we retain are U. S. Military Veterans who have "been there, done that" in mathematics. They know and can relate to challenges faced by Veteran students. The list below represents some of the ways that you might have changed since you were in school before your service, or they might describe problems you or your mentors (VA VR&E Counselor, instructor, advisor) may have observed. If you can identify with any of these problems our Veteran Tutors can show you how to overcome them and succeed.

  • Lose focus in the classroom.
  • Have cognitive impairments.
  • Cannot understand the teacher.
  • Pain or discomfort from old injuries.
  • Feelings of anxiety in the classroom.
  • Had a traumatic brain injury (TBI).
  • Are re-taking the course.
  • Your instructor or counselor suggests a tutor.
  • The longer you sit, the less you can remember.
  • Affected by post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • Cannot remember significant portions of lectures.
  • Problems taking notes and keeping up with the lecture.
  • Cannot do a problem by yourself without explaining it to someone else.
  • Not able to obtain individualized tutorial assistance at your school.
  • Grades consistently a "C" or lower.
  • Have failed the course previously.
  • You have a disability you want kept private.

Our Math Tutors

   Meet our Math tutors! Well, one math tutor anyway. As our client base develops we will seek out other qualified Veterans as math tutors and add their information here.

Math Tutor: Andrew Van Osdol A. G. "Android" Van Osdol

Andrew holds degrees in Computer Programming Systems Technology, Mathematics, and Human Resource Training and Development. U. S. Military Service Disabled Veteran and company owner/operator. Core certifications in Algebra, Trigonometry, Linear Algebra, Statistics, and Calculus.

Why Learn Mathematics?

   If you are one of the multitude of people in a post-secondary school who believes mathematics is a series of painful tests you must pass with a "C" or at least a "D" before you can graduate then you need more information. Mathematics in the world today represents higher order thinking skills and abstract reasoning. It is used to communicate how everything works. It is a language you can use to solve problems and communicate precise information to others. Without mathematics there would be no society. No business, no communications, no cellular phones, no refrigerators, no shopping, and no abundant sources of food. Without mathematics society today would be very much like the Dark Ages.

   Novice engineers and scientists often think that the math on a job is done by computer. Often it is, after it is done by people. Programed calculations can be interrupted, entered incorrectly or in the wrong order. We operate the computers; the computers do not operate us. So who checks the computer's calculations? People do. We check the computer, make changes, and re-run the programed calculations. The process of debugging a design is similar to "Wash, rinse, and repeat." This is how design errors are discovered.

   One example of an extreme design error is in the units of measurement for an O-ring manufacturing specification. This error changed the size slightly, altering how the O-ring would contract/expand in outside temperatures colder than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. 7 lives were lost on February 1st 1986 when the space shuttle Challenger exploded shortly after takeoff. NASA and the manufacturer, Morton Thiokol, chose to disregard the warnings of the engineers who found the vulnerability months before.
Space shuttle Challenger explodes shortly after takeoff on February 1st 1986. The space shuttle Challenger STS-51L crew. In back, from left to right: Ellison S. Onizuka, Sharon Christa McAuliffe, Greg Jarvis, and Judy Resnik. In front, from left to right: Michael J. Smith, Dick Scobee, and Ron McNair
   If you are a member of a design team you may never know what your design will be used for. If you do, as in the case of the Challenger O-ring, or you are checking one of your peers work, you will need to communicate your findings. Would the administration of Morton-Thiokol and NASA be able to understand what the engineers found? If so then how could they approve a launch when it was 18 degrees Fahrenheit, 22 degrees colder than the coldest operating temperature of the O-ring? Mathematics is what allowed the engineers to find the design flaw of the O-ring. Administrators not understanding the mathematics describing the flaw is what killed the Challenger crew.
    When you learn mathematics you will know how to identify, communicate effectively, and correct errors that may result in disaster for someone in the future.

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eInstructor.Net Online Tutoring System
eInstructor.Net Meeting and Training Room Project

   The eInstructor.Net Meeting / Training room was available for use until the spring of 2014 by any of the companies and organizations who maintain their offices in the ISU Business and Technology Research Center. The room was equipped with an Interactive White Board (IWB) and projector, computer, and sound system which could be used in a variety of ways. The IWB was used to present Internet content or content from a laptop computer equipped with a wireless network interface card (NIC). Anything written on the IWB with its pens or your own finger could be saved for future reference. You could use Skype or another provider to share the IWB with multiple remote viewers. The entire presentation, including attendees and your interaction with remote viewers could be recorded for later editing and publishing.

Meeting and Training room was located in Suite 107 of ISU's Business and Technology Research Center
   This resource no longer exists, but it did identify the need to develop the eInstructor.Net Supplemental Learning Management System. It would not have been possible to create the meeting / training room without the support of people in the community. Material contributions have been made by ISU's Business and Technology Research Center, ISU's RISE (Research & Innovation In Science & Engineering), ISU's Dept. of Dental Hygiene, ISU Networking and Telecommunications, the US Dept. of Veterans Affairs, and Columbia Computer Consulting. Thank you for your support on the eInstructor.Net project.
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Contact Information

   A. G. Van Osdol and Company is located in Suite 109 of the Business and Technology Research Center at Idaho State University in Pocatello Idaho.

Idaho state University (ISU) Business and Technology Research Center in Pocatello Idaho.
ISU Business and Technology Research Center, 1651 Alvin Ricken Dr., Pocatello Idaho

A. G. Van Osdol and Company
ISU Business and Technology Center
1651 Alvin Ricken Dr. Suite 109
Pocatello ID 83201

Telephone: (208)240-0725
Email: A. G. Van Osdol

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